a-england Dragon & Saint George

Of course I also had to jump in and order some of those pretties from a-england new collection called The Legend. I ended up picking just two, mainly because I'm not made of money. And these two are both green, which I'm not normally comfortable with but these two are just so damn pretty to pass up. You all have probably seen Dragon and Saint George quite many times already so I'm not gonna blabber too much, I just have to say that the quality of these is just amazing! But let's get to the pictures, shall we...

First off here's Dragon, two coats with base and top coat. This could be a one-coater if you're careful, but I did two just in case. Like I said, both of these are just amazing qualitywise, but also the color is amazing. I love green, but I rarely wear green nail polish, it's the one color that I feel most uncomfortable with on my nails. But with that said, I love this! And the name is so prefect, it's just the color that I'd imagine dragon to be, if they existed.

And here's the second one, Saint George, also two coats with base and top coat. This also can easily be a one-coater, I again did two coats just to be safe. If Dragon was amazing, this is just pure perfection! I know many have said that, but I'm saying it two. It's just soooo pretty. This is easily one of my favourite polishes of all time. I think this is also one of those colors that you just have to see your self, it looks great in pictures but it's even more awesome in person.


  1. It's posts like yours that keep feeding my lust for St. George. Sooooooo... Prettyyyyyyy... *drools*

    Dragon looks awesome too. Might have to add that one to my wish list. ;)