China Glaze Gothic Lolita with glitter

I only got two polishes from China Glaze's collection from this spring. The collection is nice and the colors look pretty and spring-y, but I'm not so keen on wearing cremes, so I only got the ones that I thought I'd like the most. I did my Valentine's Day mani with the first one, Fuchsia Fanatic, and now I have the other one for you.

So I'm talking about Gothic Lolita, two coats here. Sorry that I don't have a swatch of it on it's own, but you can see the color from these pics too, though the subtle shimmer isn't really visible. Well, it's not really visible on nail either... So yeah, I'm not really excited about this one. It's a pretty color, but that about it, nothing special. Infact I thought it was kind of boring so I spiced it up with some glitter. I used Color Club Sugarplum Fairy and Essence It's Purplicious for the gradient. I think there's nothing wrong with Gothic Lolita, it's just that there hasn't been many polishes lately that have surprised or wowed me. It's probably because after one has certain amount of polishes it is hard to get surprised or find polishes that really stand out.


  1. I was lucky to find this shade left from the Electropop collection when I got to my Sally's which in the states is the main place to find most CG polishes and ltd collections. They had only a few left of the collection but I got 3 that were on my list of wants. Love it with the gradient glitter tips.