(This post is in Finnish as it's about blogsale and I'll ship these blog sale items only to Finland)
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Essie Orange, It's Obvious & Nfu Oh #45

As soon as I saw the first pictures of Essie's Orange, It's Obvious I knew I had to have it. It looked so juicy and I've been going crazy over orange polish lately. I also have OPI A Roll in the Hague and just today I ordered China Glaze Riveting, so yeah, I think I'm not getting any more orange polishes for now... Anywho, here's Orange, It's Obvious:

This is three coats with base and top coat. This was quite easy to work with, though the first coat was quite streaky. I needed three coats to make it look perfect, but it probably could be done with only two coats if you are careful and use generous amount of the polish. The color is really bright and fun, not neon or anything like that, but very bright nevertheless. I really love it!

After wearing this by itself for a day I wanted to spice the manicure up just a bit, so I sponged some Nfu Oh number 45 on the tips. It was quite hard to get decent picture of Orange, It's Obvious and it was even harder with the Nfu Oh on top. I took like zillion pics and none looked the way I wanted, but here's few anyway:

So, do you like orange on your nails?

OPI I Have a Herring Problem

Today I have one polish for you from OPI spring 2012 Holland collection. I only got two colors from this collection, well, I might have gotten third one, but it was out of stock, so I only got I Have a Herring problem and A Roll in the Hague, and today I'm showing the first one to you.

So this is two coats of I Have a Herring Problem with base and top coat. I have to say that I really like this color and the silver and gold shimmer give this something extra. I don't have that many blues in my collection, so this is a nice addition. At first I couldn't decide if I should get this one or I Don't Give a Rotterdam, but in the end I chose IHaHP and I'm glad I did. And I do love the name of this one!

Orly Emberstone

Today I have a pretty amazing red for your, take a look:

So this is Emberstone  by Orly, I have three coats here, no base or top coat. The color is really pretty, it looks more red though than orange in real life. I kind of wish it would be a bit more orange, I think I would like it even more that way, but then again it is pretty awesome as it is. I don't have that many red polishes in my stash so this is really a nice addition to it. 

My Top 10 Polishes

This Top 10 tag has been going around at Finnish nail blogs for awhile and I also got challenged by the wonderful Sannu at SanNails. I think this is a fun challenge and I will gladly accept it, thanks! I've done my favourite nails polishes posts around new year, but I thought that this was a nice way to try and list the ultimate favourites. Well, at least what they are now, because I think if I'd do this challenge another day or say like in summer, the list would be completely different, so this is a list of my current favourites. I have to say that it was quite hard to choose only ten and I did kind of fail to do this task, because I couldn't decide between two polishes, so I had to include eleven. Anywho, here they are in no particular order:

And then the two polishes from which I couldn't decide which one to include:

So did my list have any of your favourites in it? Or which polishes would you include in your list? Oh and I'm tagging everyone who want to do this challenge, just let me know if you do it!

Color Club Hipnotic & Electro-Midnight

Today I have two magnetic polishes from Color Club for you.

These Magnetic Force polishes have the magnet located in the cap, but it's removable from the actual brush and I think it's quite easy to use. At least I find it easier to place it to the right place than for excample China Glaze's magnet. I still haven't figured out how to use that one properly. On the other hand, these have only one magnetic pattern.

This is Electro-Midnight, I have two coats here, no base or top coat. The pattern isn't perfect here, but it's way better than I have ever managed to do with the China Glaze magnet. I think it's because it is way easier to place the Color Club magnet to the right place and see that it's really there. Both these polishes were very easy to apply, though the actual cap in these polishes is quite small and short, so it took a while to get used to.

And this is Hipnotic, two coats with top coat. Eventhough this magnet was easier to use I still managed to smudge the middle finger nail... This is more like a color for me, though Electro-Midnight was pretty too. So I was really pleased with these two, though I don't think I'll be getting more magnetic polishes, because I havet hese two and three China Glazes. My nails are quite curvy, so it's a bit hard to get the pattern to reach the sides. Magnetic polishes are really fun to play with, but they can be quite frustrating too.

a-england Dragon & Saint George

Of course I also had to jump in and order some of those pretties from a-england new collection called The Legend. I ended up picking just two, mainly because I'm not made of money. And these two are both green, which I'm not normally comfortable with but these two are just so damn pretty to pass up. You all have probably seen Dragon and Saint George quite many times already so I'm not gonna blabber too much, I just have to say that the quality of these is just amazing! But let's get to the pictures, shall we...

First off here's Dragon, two coats with base and top coat. This could be a one-coater if you're careful, but I did two just in case. Like I said, both of these are just amazing qualitywise, but also the color is amazing. I love green, but I rarely wear green nail polish, it's the one color that I feel most uncomfortable with on my nails. But with that said, I love this! And the name is so prefect, it's just the color that I'd imagine dragon to be, if they existed.

And here's the second one, Saint George, also two coats with base and top coat. This also can easily be a one-coater, I again did two coats just to be safe. If Dragon was amazing, this is just pure perfection! I know many have said that, but I'm saying it two. It's just soooo pretty. This is easily one of my favourite polishes of all time. I think this is also one of those colors that you just have to see your self, it looks great in pictures but it's even more awesome in person.

Zoya Julianne & Mimi

I've had Zoya Julianne and Mimi in my untried box for quite a while, but now I finally decided to try them. They look quite the same in the bottles so I decided to use them both to see which one I might prefer.

I have Mimi on my ring finger and Julianne on others. As you can see, they are not definately dupes or anything like that, but they are quite close colorwise, eventhough Julianne has a darker base color. They lean a bit too much to the blue side here in pics, because as you probably know, many cameras have hard time capturing some purple shades. I really like both of these, but I think I don't need to have them both, because I also have Color Club Alias and Kiko 278 which are both also pretty much the same style. Now I just have figure out which ones I'd be willing to give up... And that's not an easy task, as they all are so pretty!

China Glaze Gothic Lolita with glitter

I only got two polishes from China Glaze's collection from this spring. The collection is nice and the colors look pretty and spring-y, but I'm not so keen on wearing cremes, so I only got the ones that I thought I'd like the most. I did my Valentine's Day mani with the first one, Fuchsia Fanatic, and now I have the other one for you.

So I'm talking about Gothic Lolita, two coats here. Sorry that I don't have a swatch of it on it's own, but you can see the color from these pics too, though the subtle shimmer isn't really visible. Well, it's not really visible on nail either... So yeah, I'm not really excited about this one. It's a pretty color, but that about it, nothing special. Infact I thought it was kind of boring so I spiced it up with some glitter. I used Color Club Sugarplum Fairy and Essence It's Purplicious for the gradient. I think there's nothing wrong with Gothic Lolita, it's just that there hasn't been many polishes lately that have surprised or wowed me. It's probably because after one has certain amount of polishes it is hard to get surprised or find polishes that really stand out.