Zoya Harlow

Sorry again for not posting for a while. I had all the good intentions to make and time some posts for you for the time that I was working, but then life got in the way. First I got sick, then started the another week of the job and I had again ten hours of work per day and then on top of this all my grandma died, so yeah, there was no time to think about my blog. But now we have a new president, so my job is done and I can now focus on my studies and of course on this blog again.

Today I have one really pretty matte polish for you, I think you've all seen this quite many times, but it deserves even more love.

I'm talking about Zoya Harlow, two coats here. It is truly a nice color and also quite easy to work with. It's a bit thick like mattes usually are, but nothing you can't work with. Really nice polish to slap on when you are in hurry and have no time to wait for a polish to try. Of course as it is a matte polish there's gonna be tip wear really soon, so if you want to avoid that you can try the layering with top coat (first one coat of the matte polish, then a coat of top coat and then when it's dry another coat of the matte polish). This should make it last longer, though I did use it, because I knew I would be changing my manicure soon enough.

Harlow is really pretty as matte, but it's also gorgeous with some top coat on.
I can't really decide which one I like better, it looks so good either way.

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