China Glaze Ring In the Red over Zoya Sooki

Happy New Year to all my readers! Today I have my Christmas manicure to show you, lol. I know I'm quite late with this, but I had no time to post it when it was relevant and I really want to show it to you, so here it comes.

So this is two coats of China Glaze Ring in the Red over one coat of Zoya Sooki with base and top coat. This mani was surely a Christmassy one with all the sparkle and red color. I really enjoyed wearing it and it did hold on quite nicely as this picture is taken after few days of wearing already. So I really liked this mani, though I couldn't help thinking that I should be wearing my (and everyone else's) favourite Christmas polish, China Glaze Ruby Pumps. On the other hand I did wear that last Christmas so maybe little change is good, and I can wear Ruby Pumps again next Christmas.