One week of glitters - day two

So it's day two of the one week of glitters and I have a pretty blue one for you today.

This is Blue Addicted by Essence from their recent additions to the Color & Go line. I have three coats here with no base or top coat. Even though this is a blue polish, I have to say that I really loved this one. It is sooo pretty and the jelly base gives those glitters some nice depth when you use multiple layers. It was for some reason quite hard to get desent photo of this, so this is the only one I got. Sorry about that! But if you have access to Essence polishes, I think this is one you should really consider. After all, these are really great value for their prize!


  1. :D Ahahahah, just bought one of these yesterday! 'Cause I thought it was pretty... and I didn't made a mistake, it really is wonderful! ^__^

  2. This is a beautiful polish! I don't have have access to Essence polishes but I wish I did. I'd pick this one up right away.

  3. Akuma Kanji- i bought it yesterday too :P i've been after it for a while so i took the plunge haha. its a lovely polish! essence are doing really well with their glitters lately.

  4. @Akuma Kanji: It really is pretty, you should wear it soon! :)

    @Melissa: It really is! I also hope I could get Essence polishes more easily, they have many great polishes and the prize is right too. :)

    @Musical.x: Thanks for the comment! I also think Essence has some great glitters! :)