One week of glitters - day three

It's day three of my one week of glitters and today I have the last of those four polishes that I got from Color Club's 2011 Holiday collection called Beyond the Mistletoe.

So this is called Jingle Jangle and I have so many coats here that I lost the count and there's still some visible bald spots. Well, it does look nicer from distance, but this surely wasn't my favourite. While I have really loved the other three Color Club glitters that I got from this collection, Jingle Jangle just didn't deliver for me. Maybe I should have tried it over some base color and I would have probably liked it better that way, but this feels a bit flat to me. Maybe it's because there's no holographic glitter in here like in the rest of the polishes in this collection.. Well, it's safe to say that this surely wasn't my favourite and I might try it over some other polish to see if I like it more that way, but if not, I doubt I'd wear it again.


  1. This polish is great!
    I love it!!

  2. The colors in Jingle Jangle are pretty, but it doesn't pop out like the rest of the glitters do. I have them all and this one is the sheerest. I'm sure it would look great over a creme though, just not alone.

  3. @rock-or-not: I'm glad you like it! :)

    @C.L.C.'s Nail Art Blog: Thanks! :)

    @Melissa: Yeah, it really doesn't, the others are much better.. I'm gonna try to layer it over some other polish to see if I'd like it more that way. :)