One week of glitters - day six

It's day six of my one week of glitters and it's time for a glitter by OPI. OPI has done some amazing glitters in the past, but this one is from their recent Muppets inspired collection.

So this is called Rainbow Connection and I have one coat here over two coats of China Glaze Frosty. This is the only glitter polish that I got from this OPI collection, just because when I saw that the glitters weren't very opaque, I wasn't too fond of them. But this one is surely pretty and I think it's best by layered over some other polish. If you'd use only this, you'd have to use several coats and I think it would just be too much glitter and colors on your nails.. But with one or two coats over some other polish, it sure is pretty, like little party on my nails. :)


  1. Very Pretty :)

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. I love this combination! Big multicolor glitter on white looks amazing! :)

  3. @Nail Designs xox: Thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate it! :)

    @Ninea: Thanks, it really does! :)