One week of glitters - day four

It's day four of my one week of glitters and today I have another glitter polish from the China Glaze Holiday 2011 collection for you.

This one is called Marry a Millionaire and I have three coats here. I should have done a fourth one as there is still some bald spots, but I just wasn't feeling like doing another coat. Probably it was because like yesterdays polish this didn't do much for me. I really though I would like this one a lot, but I really didn't. I like the idea of bar glitters, because they are more rare, but somehow those bars weren't so visible on nail and it all looked like somekind of dirty purple mess. So yeah, I really didn't like it. It looks great on bottle though.. Maybe I need to also layer this over some other polish to see if I'd like it more like that..


  1. I like this polish very much, it looks so special and is unlike any other polish in my collection. :)

    I only needed two (thick) coats and a little extra works on spots that didn't get enough glitter to get it to cover my nails, but in result it looked very thick. Next time I will try two thin layers over a purple basecolor.

    Best regards!

  2. @Ninea: Oh, I tried to cover the bald spots too with some extra work, but ended having them still after three coats. Maybe I have some Monday version of this polish..? Yeah, I'm gonna try the layering too, I think I might like it that way. Thanks for the comment! :)