Days 25, 26 & 27

So as I've said before: I'm super busy right now, mainly because on Thusday I'm hopefully going to be somewhere warm for the next eight days and to be able to do that I have to do all the school work before Monday to get everything done.. But I think it's going to be work out great, I just had to cheat a bit with the challenge and combine some of those remaining tasks, because after I come back from the vacation I'm going straight to my parents house to spend the Chritmas there and I don't want to leave any of those challenge tasks after Christmas. 

So I did these nails first for the day 25 inpired by fashion but when I was finished I thought that they would also suit for the task of day 26 inspired by a pattern. After that I also thought that well, this might go as artwork too and then I remembered that Zara at Never Unpolished also combined these three days with her mani that had also this flowery kind of pattern. So as Zara said and I also agree, fashion is also art, so here's my mani for these three themes.

I used a Finnish design called Unikko (poppy) by Marimekko as my inspiration for this mani. This is probably one of the designs every Finn knows and you can find it everywhere. You can find dresses, shoes, towels, sheets and curtains, just to name few, with this design here. And with million different colors too. You name it and the chances are that it's done with Unikko design. Unikko made it's way to some Sex and the City episodes too and also Manolo Blahnik has used the design in some shoes. Unikko was originally designed in 1964 so it's quite old and I guess it has inspired many other flower designs too.

Doo at Doo Polishing did Unikko inspired nails for quite long time ago and I've always thought after that that I want to give it a try too.

I think these looked really pretty and fun, though maybe I shouldn't have done the flowers so regularly. Well, I tried to avoid that, but when I finished they looked quite regular still. Anywho, I quite enjoyed this look and I'm thinking about doing it with some different colors.

Now I really hope that I have time to do decent manis for the last three task and finish this challenge with honour. I'd also like to do at least one Christmas mani before the vacation, but I'm not sure if I have enough time. But I hope so! And, if you really wanna know, this vacation I'm talking about, I'm going to Dubai with my boyfriend. Lol, I wanted to save that to the end! :) I can't wait, I hope it's going to be sunny and at least somewhat warm. Have any of you been there? I'm always interested in tips of what to do and where to go if you have any (though I have planned already some..). Also, of course, if you have good tips where you can buy nice polishes in Dubai, please let me know, because those tips are always welcome!


  1. So cute and Fall-y ^__^ I love the combo of colours, mainly the white base colour :)

  2. Hauskat unikot :).
    ..Olisin kyllä niin mielellään nähnyt kaikkiin päiviin omat kynnet, koska näitä sinun teoksia on ilo katsella. Ehkä voit ottaa revanssin sitten joulun jälkeen vaikka 26 ja 27 päivistä ;) ?

  3. @Akuma Kanji: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)

    @Sannu: Kiitos. :) Tiedän, mutta pakko oli keksiä jotakin, että saan haasteen edes jollain tavalla loppuun. Jos inspiraatio iskee niin voin toki yrittää toteuttaa vielä nuokin päivät erikseen joskus. :)

    @moonchild: Thanks! :)

    @Yonna: Kiitos. :)