Day 23: Inspired by a movie

If the inspired by a song task was easy for me and I instantly knew what I wanted to do, today's task wasn't definately easy. There's quite many movies I like or love and it was hard to deside which move I wanted to use as my inspiration. Finally I decided to go with one of my all time favourite movies, Kill Bill, because I thought that it would at least be easy to use as inspiration.

I used Wild and Crazy Twilight as my base color and Essence Berlin Story for the black parts. I really liked the color of Twilight, but it is a bit hard to apply evenly (like most of the yellows) and it took four coats to be even somewhat ok, but you could still see the nail line.
So as you all probably figured I took the inspiration from the character Beatrix Kiddo's suit and also from the colorscheme of the dvd. I thought this mani was quite badass and quite in your face type of thing, but also quite bright and fun.

Oh and just to be clear, this is just one movie I like. My all time favourite movies include also films like Big Fish, Love Actually and PS. I love You just to mention few. So I love some of those girly movies too, but sometimes its just nice to relax and watch some movie where the heads will roll. But most of the time, if it's my choice, I would pick something little bit romantic and funny.


  1. so cute! You really rock that yellow! I could never, with my skintone... I love kill bill!

  2. nice..the mani is perfect :) (great movie)

  3. So simple and great! Love it :)

  4. Pretty and neat manicure! I have actually done two versions of this one... one of them was P.S.: I Love You :P

  5. @Mnemo: Thanks! I'm not very comfortable with yellow, but I'm glad that you think I rock it! :)

    @little miss polish: Thank you very much! :)

    @Anutka: Thanks, that's so sweet. :)

    @Akuma Kanji: Thank you! :) I haven't seen that PS. I Love You manicure of your and I couldn't find it from your blog..?

  6. Oh... I only posted the Alien one. When I looked at the P.S.: I love you one I realised it was almost certain that no one would recognise the film :P but I will post it on day and then I'll let you know, ok? ^__^