Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe & Cold Metal

Today I have two pretty Color Clubs for you, both are from recent collections. I wanted to see how these two would work together, and I think it is a pretty combo, but perhaps I need to wear Beyond the Mistletoe by itself soon too.

So this is one coat(!) of Cold Metal with two coats of Beyond the Mistletoe on top and of course some top coat to make it smooth. Beyond the Mistletoe is really pretty and suitable for the Holidays, but then again I'm generally quite easy to please with holographic glitter... And like I said, I really thought these two worked nicely together too.

Here's a pic of Cold Metal by itself:
I have to say that I really liked this one too. This is actually the only polish that I got from Color Clubs Foiled collection (so far), because it was the only one that seemed unique. At least I don't have any blues like this in my stash and it's also very nice quality: easy to handle, opaque with just one coat and deeply colored for a foil. Then again, I only have just few blue polishes, so I'm not really one to say... But for my surprise, I quite liked this and I thought it even looked good on me.


  1. I have both of these and will DEFINITELY be trying this combo out really soon! Both are very gorgeous polishes. :)

  2. @Courtney: They really are! Thanks for the comment. :)