China Glaze Midtown Magic & Nfu Oh 59

I've had these pics sitting on my folder for few months now, but never get to post about these, because of the challenge and all. Now I thought I should really post these, because I did like this combo.

So here I have one generous coat of Nfu Oh number 59 over two coats of China Glaze Midtown Magic. I think those flakies look really good over MM but I think this isn't probably my favourite Nfu Oh polish out there. At least for the prize they come and all. It's pretty and all, but somehow something is missing, at least for me. But like I said, I did like this combo, but maybe it says something that I'm only posting it now...

Midtown Magic is also pretty on its own. Those little shimmer flecks make it more interesting and I quite like the color, even though I was afraid it might be too brown for me. It probably isn't the most interesting polish out there, but it's a pretty one and suits well to a fall collection. It was also pretty nice quality, though a bit on the thick side, but nothing that can't be handeled.


  1. I love Midtown the mani with Nfu Oh 60!

  2. I soo love to read your post and just cant take my eyes from all this amazing nailpolishes! BTW, where in Finland you can find it all?? I live in Salo (near Turku) and local Sokos doesnt have so many different brands and colors(

  3. @little miss polish: Both Midtown Magic and Nfu Oh 60 are really amazing! :)

    @moonchild: Thanks, I though it was really pretty too!

    @Nadi: Thank you. :) I usually order my nail polishes from e-tailers abroad, the selections in Finland aren't really that good at all, though you can find some brands like OPI, but they are quite expensive and don't really have all the colors.