Teeez! Cool

I have one of those amazing Teeez! holographic polishes, that I just recently got, to show you today. It's been quite cloudy and grey here lately (even with bit of snow too) and there haven't been literally any sun expect just for a brief moment just the other day. I should have probably gone outside to enjoy the sun like normal people would, but no, I stayed inside and tried to photograph as many holo polishes as I could before the sun was gone... lol indeed. Well that was quite fun too and at least now I have these photos to share you.

So this is called Cool and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. It's probably no surprise that I love this one! Eventhough you all know that I'm not particularly into blue polishes, I can't resist pretty holo ones in any color. I also have to say that I quite like the design of these Teeez! bottles, eventhough they have round caps which are sometimes a bit hard to work with. But they are really pretty with all those flowers and silver caps and all that, don't you think? So I'm really glad to have this one as part of my holo collection.. You can't really have too much holos in my opinion.


  1. I have this little wonder too!!
    So beautiful!

  2. I have this baby but haven't used it yet.

  3. Love this polish! i think i need to go find it on ebay! it looks so pretty on you ! :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments!

    @marox79: You have to try it! :)