Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

So today I have the new exciting collection from Models Own called Beetlejuice for you. I was really excited about this collection, because the colors looked very interesting. First I wasn't sure if I'd get the whole collection or just couple colors, but when I saw that they had the deal with all the Beetlejuice collection and the base/top coat, I just decided to jump and get them all. The colors are so complex, that they all need more pics than just one to show you what they are all about, so this post is going to be very very picture heavy and long. So consider yourselves warned, cause here we go. 

So here's the whole collection from left to right: Pinky Brown, Golden Green, Purple Blue, Emerald Black and Aqua Violet.

I used three coats of each color, except Emerald black, which is two coats. Application was easy with them all and I really had no problems with them. All the pics are without base or top coat, and taken in natural light (one is in direct sunlight).

This is Pinky Brown, which I was probably most excited about when I saw the first bottle pics of this collection. I didn't have the change of getting Mac Bad Fairy or have access to those Accessorize polishes that had the same type of color, so I thought Pinky Brown could make up for it. I know those two polishes were more pinkier than this, but I still like this one alot. And I really love that color shift, because it really is there on nail too and not just in the bottle or something like that.

Golden Green is the one I thought I might not like because as you know I don't really like green polishes and from the pics I saw this seemed to have a frost finish. But on nail I did like it, it isn't my favourite one or anything like that, but I do like it. And as you can probably figure, I don't own colors like this, so I think this is a good addition to my collection.

Purple Blue has the same kind of glass fleck finish that Pinky Brown has and these two are right up my alley, so they were the ones I really wanted to have. And this is purple so of course I like it. I saw The PolishAholic's comparison post of the Beetlejuice collection where she compared Purple Blue with Orly Galaxy Girl. They definately aren't dupes but I think they look like that they are from the same family and as I didn't get Galaxy Girl, I'm glad I have this. And judging from those pics I prefer Purple Blue too.

Emerald Black was one of those that I was little hesitant of getting as I don't usually like to wear black polishes or polishes that look like black, but this is really pretty one! I really liked this one on my nails and can't wait to wear it as full manicure. By the way this is bit more green than it looks in my pics, my camera just didn't want to work right with this one.

Aqua Violet has really nice purple color shift and I just love how it looks when the duochrome comes alive. I'm also not a big blue polish fan, but the color shift makes it more special.

I have to say that I just love this collection and I'm glad that I got the whole thing and didn't left some colors out. Eventhough all the colors aren't my usual favourites, I think they work really well as collection. I ordered these from Models Own website so they are available there if you are interested.


  1. Such a great collection!
    I love them all!

  2. they look great! Pinky Brown is amazing!

  3. i love the colours, I wish models own was sold in iceland. i really want to try some of their nails polishes.

  4. @lady_flower123: It's one of my favourites too. :)

    @rock-or-not: It is! :)

    @Nailderella: They do. :) It's one of my favourites. :)

    @Esther: They are really pretty, maybe you can order them from Models Own website, if you'd like to. :)