Look what I got!

Few months ago I did a post asking if I had any readers who had access to Teeez! polishes, especially those three holographic ones. At that time no one responded, but two weeks ago I got a comment by Reile from the Netherlands saying that she could get me those polishes. So you can imagine that I was really excited and send her email right away. Long story short now I have those three pretties in my hand! But one thing I'm even more excited about than those polishes is the fact how amazing people fellow polish lovers can be. So Reile, I know I said it before, but huge thanks yet again for getting me those polishes! And besides getting me the three Teeez! holo ones, she also included one extra polish, which was sooo amazing thing to do in the first place, but the fact that it was Catrice Big City LE collection polish called Berlin made it even zillion times more special. I just loooove Berlin, it's probably my favourite city in the world, so of course this polish will have a special place in my polish collector's heart! So here are my new babies:

From left to right: Smooth, Outta Control, Cool and Berlin.

As many others I was also very interested in Models Own new collection called Beetlejuice, and after some thinking I decided to get the whole collection:
From left to right: Pinky Brown, Golden Green, Purple Blue, Emerald Black and Aqua Violet.

Can't wait to try all these pretties!


  1. Ooooh, pretty! All of them!
    I wonder if my sister would be able to get me some Teeez polishes... hm... She's living so close to the border to the netherlands... Your pictures just made my fingers itch.

  2. We got two of the Teez holos when we went to the Netherlands in September.
    Those Models Own look awesome. Eagerly awaiting the swatches.

  3. I need this Beetlejuice collection immediately! Can't wait to see your swatches!

  4. You're welcome! Happy to see you are so happy with them. :D

  5. @Kayono: They really are! I think you should ask your sister if she'd look around for them, I think they're really worth having. :)

    @marox79: Oh, I'd like to go to the Netherlands sometime. :) I'm gonna post those swatches tomorrow. :)

    @Courtney: It's really pretty, swatches are coming tomorrow. :)

    @Mnemo: I really am! :)

    @lady_flower123: They are, all of them! :)

  6. Omg, mistä hankit nuo Models Ownin Beetlejuicet?? :)

  7. @Celia: Models Ownin sivuilta tilasin. :)