Giveaway winners!

I know I promised you that I would tell you the giveaway winners yesterday, but there were so many entries and I'm quite busy with my studies, so with all the other things it took this long to go trough and verify all the entries. So I'm sorry about that, but I'm glad to tell you that now I have randomly selected (using both winners. I randomly draw two numbers between 1 and 457 and they were 356 and 94. And the winners with those numbers were SuperHotFemale and Deborah. So congrats to you both! 

 (Picture is from here)

The great thing was that you both hoped for different prizes, so you both are getting what you wished for! I will email you two just shortly and please, remember to answer within next 48 hours.

I also want to thank everyone that participated in my giveaway! Some of you left really nice comments and I also got some request that I'm planning on doing as soon as possible. So thanks again to all and this was so much fun (again) that I should really do another giveaway shortly, but for now that's all. :)