Giveaway is closed!

Giveaway is closed and I will announce the winners tomorrow.

My Facebook giveaway ended more than week ago but I seem to have a problem getting the winner(s) to email me. I don't know what it is, maybe people don't notice my updates in Facebook page or something because I have already drawn two different winners because the previous ones haven't answered me in time (more than 48 hours). This is getting quite ridicilous, but I randomly drew yet another winner and this time it is Zoey Dahling, so Zoey, if you read this, please check Polish This facebook page for more information!


  1. And what about the 2nd winner? Pleasssse pick me ^_^ I am totally drooling over these goodies you have to giveaway!!

  2. @berry'n'cheese: Both blog giveaway winner were announced today, this winner had won the Facebook giveaway which was a separate one. I'm glad you liked my giveaway and sorry that you didn't win this time, though I didn't exactly pick anyone, the winners were randomly chosen. Better luck next time. :)