Essence Be Optimistic!

Tomorrow I'll be showing you those galaxy nails of the challenge, but here I have just a quick post of a really nice fall color. It has been snowing a bit here lately and though it's been still to warm for the snow to stay on ground, I want to post this before it's truly a winter time, cause like I said, I think this is a perfect color for fall.

So this is Be Optimistic by Essence and I have two coats here with base and top coat. This is quite well pigmented, so well that it might be possible to get away with just one coat, but I did two to be sure. I think this is a really pretty one, lovely color and very glossy. I just wish that Essence polishes were sold in Finland too, they are usually quite nice quality-wise, they have many great colors and the prize is right for sure. So if you have access to Essence polishes, I think this is something you should pick up if you like orange nails even just a bit.


  1. rly beautiful colour <3

  2. Every time I see this polish on someone's blog, I'm amazed how good it looks. On me, it looks like I accidentally spilled something disgusting on my nails. :(

  3. This is, for sure, the best copper out there! ^__^ Beautiful!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    @moonchild: That's a shame for sure!

    @Akuma Kanji: It really is so pretty!

  5. Does any one know where you can still get this color....ESSENCE Nail Polish in Be Optimistic! If you know of any where please let me know...

    1. At least I don't know any place you could still find this color, sorry!