Day 16: Tribal Print - OPI Warm & Fozzie

I'm back with another day of the challenge. This was probably the one task that I wast most afraid of and it's probably because of that I procrastinated and didn't want to do this mani, but when I was wearing OPI Warm & Fozzie from the Muppets collection I decided that it would make great base for this tribal mani and then I just had to take the nail art brush and start painting. I haven't really done many free hand nail art, so considering that, I think I managed to do a mani that fulfills the task.

So I just used Warm & Fozzie as base color and then painted the tribal print with e.l.f. Black using nail art brush. I took inspiration from this site which is just found wiht google picture search. I'm glad this day of the challenge is now over and the next ones are all pretty much those that I'm most excited about.

Here's a pic of Warm & Fozzie by itself:


  1. thats a very nice colour and design!i also have a nail art blog.i joined yours:)i just started it!feel free to join and also sub to my youtube nail art channel!

  2. I like the color a lot! (:

  3. I love that you didn't go crazy with colors :)

  4. There are so many types of tribal prints. Nice job, I like!

  5. @trancelicious: Thanks! I will check it out. :)

    @Marie: It's a nice color. :)

    @moonchild: Thanks, I wanted to keep it simple. :)

    @Courtney: Thank you so much. :)

  6. Hienot! Mullakin on haaste menossa (linkitin sun blogiin alussa) ja eilen just taivastelin, et mitä ihmettä sitä voisi saada aikaan tribal nails- päivänä.