Day 15: Delicate print - Depend 251

So it's again another day of the challenge and this time the task was delicate print nails. I'm not usually good with prints or anything like that and somehow I found this task a bit challenging. Well, that's the point of the challenge, right? Anywho, I decided to try some konading, thought I'm not very comfortable with it or anywhere near as good as some and I have only few plates, so there is not much of choice. But anyhow, here's my delicate print nails.

I chose the easy way out and did only one image from one plate to each nail and tried to even place it the same way. I know it can be a bit boring, but I quite like simple designs. I used Depend number 251 (two coats) and Konad white stamping polish for this mani. Hope it's delicate enough, lol. Well, tomorrows task is probably the hardest one, still don't know what to do with it.. So tune in to see if I come up with anything good.. :)

Here's some pics of the Depend polish by itself:


  1. love the mani that you did! such a pretty color and actually really like the design :)