Christmas manicure number one

I can't believe how fast the year has gone and it's almost Christmas already. Well, there's almost a month still left before that, but I know that that time will just fly by and before I notice it's already Christmas and I haven't done any christmass-y manis. Also, I'm going to a little vacation just before Christmas, so that will too limit my chances to do some christmass-y manis. So this year I decided try to start little bit earlier and today I have my first Christmas manicure to show you. This one is very, very simple, but I really wanted to combine two polishes from recent collections.

So this is three coats of OPI Designer... De Better! and then I just painted three coats of Color Club Gingerbread to the tips. That last pic is very blurry, I know, but I wanted to include it to show you how those glitters of Gingerbread sparkle. I really liked this combo and I think it's quite festive too, so it's perfect for the holidays. I haven't yet worn Gingerbread as a full mani and now I think I really should do that soon, it's so pretty!

But I did wear Designer... De Better! (hate that name...) for several days as a full mani and I really loved it. It's really fun polish as it looks quite like regular silver foil from distance but when you look closer you see that it has lots of more color than just silver. And the quality was also really good, very easy to work with and after few days there was only just slightly some tip wear showing. Here's some pics of Designer... De Better! on its own.

See you all tomorrow when I'll have those inspired by a song nails for you!