Barielle A Bouquet For Ava & Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times

I just recently made a order from and there was still room in my order for one polish after I chose all the ones that I wanted that time. I noticed that they have Barielles polishes available and since I haven't tried that brand before, I wanted to try it. I probably would have ordered Elle's Spell, but it was out of stock so I pondered a bit and finally decided to order a polish called A Bouquet For Ava. That same order also contained one of those new Luxeffects polishes by Essie, so when they arrived I decided to pair those two.

I think they made a really awesome combo! This is two coats of Barielle A Bouquet For Ava with one coat of Essie Shine of the Times. And yes, flakies! I think this Essie one is a good alternative for some of those flakie toppers that are so popular but a bit to hard to find sometimes, like GOSH Rainbow, Nubar 2010 or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I have two of those (GOSH and Nubar) but I still had to have this, because I really like the effect and don't like to feel like I can't use those polishes because they will run out. So now that I have three alternatives I can probably allow myself to use them more often. Maybe I just have to do a comparison between those three to deside which one I like best or if they have any differences.

Besides loving the Essie one I also loved that Barielle polish. If I would have been more careful I'd have gotten off with just one coat. But it was really no hassle to do another coat, since this one dried incredibly fast. When painting the first coat the nails that I did first were almost completely dry just when I finished the last ones. And I think I'm quite quick with painting my nails. It was though a bit thick but nothing that one couldn't handle. The color is also nice, though I don't normally wear color like this, with those flakies on top I felt really comfortable. 

For some reason I really had no great pictures of A Bouquet For Ava alone, all were blurry or something. Here's one that was even a bit decent:

Tomorrow I'll have another challenge mani for you, it's water marble day and I used this Barielle polish for that mani too. So see you tomorrow!


  1. Stunning blue and those flakies look awesome on top of it!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments! I'm glad you thought this was gorgeous too. :)