Teeez! Smooth

I have the last one of those three Teeez! holographic polishes for you today. And it's really pretty, just like the other ones were too, so without further ado here it is.

So this is two coats of Teeez! Smooth, no base or top coat. The quality was again spot on. This is very effortless to apply and of course soooo pretty. My only wish is that there were more Teeez! holographic polishes for me to hunt down, lol. I'm so glad that I now have these three pretties in my collection (a big thank yet again to Reile!), and I can't wait to wear them as full manicures as for now I just had to rush them on and of to get some pictures when the sun was shining. 

I'm just now working to get my movie inspired nails done, so that I'll have them ready for you tomorrow. See you then!

Day 22: Inspired by a song

Today's task of the challenge was to do a mani that is inspired by a song. I've known for a while what I wanted to do, because this was a perfect task to combine my favourite music and a manicure, that I've been wanting to do for a long time. You see, one of my favourite bands is Coldplay and I quite liked the song and the video Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, so I did a mani that is mainly representing the colorful aspect of the video as my song inspired mani. And here it is:

I did this splatter mani using China Glaze Pelican Grey as my base color and then I splattered China Glaze Sneaker Head, Wild and Crazy Twilight, Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up and Golden Rose #162. And of course I took inspiration from the tutorial of the splatter mani queen Jen at The PolishAholic. I had to two this mani twice even though I had this great tutorial, just because the first time I used too much color and I didn't like the finished look. The second time I reduced the amount of polishes and then I quite enjoyed this look and it was also quite fast to do (if you don't count my first try).

Here's the video of Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall if you are interested and haven't seen it yet (which is probably impossible):

Christmas manicure number one

I can't believe how fast the year has gone and it's almost Christmas already. Well, there's almost a month still left before that, but I know that that time will just fly by and before I notice it's already Christmas and I haven't done any christmass-y manis. Also, I'm going to a little vacation just before Christmas, so that will too limit my chances to do some christmass-y manis. So this year I decided try to start little bit earlier and today I have my first Christmas manicure to show you. This one is very, very simple, but I really wanted to combine two polishes from recent collections.

So this is three coats of OPI Designer... De Better! and then I just painted three coats of Color Club Gingerbread to the tips. That last pic is very blurry, I know, but I wanted to include it to show you how those glitters of Gingerbread sparkle. I really liked this combo and I think it's quite festive too, so it's perfect for the holidays. I haven't yet worn Gingerbread as a full mani and now I think I really should do that soon, it's so pretty!

But I did wear Designer... De Better! (hate that name...) for several days as a full mani and I really loved it. It's really fun polish as it looks quite like regular silver foil from distance but when you look closer you see that it has lots of more color than just silver. And the quality was also really good, very easy to work with and after few days there was only just slightly some tip wear showing. Here's some pics of Designer... De Better! on its own.

See you all tomorrow when I'll have those inspired by a song nails for you!

Day 21: Inspired by a color - Teeez! Outta Control & Catherine Arley #673

So it's yet again another day of the challenge and today was about being inspired by a color. I found that task to be little vague, because it doesn't really say much anything as all the other tasks are more specific. I was little unsure what to do for todays mani, but then I just decided to be inspired by my favourite nail polish color, purple. And to be more specific, holographic purple. So I have two wonderful holo purple polishes for you today!

So the first one is of course one of the recently received Teeez! holographics called Outta Control. I have three coats here, no base or top coat. This certainly is a color to be inspired if you ask me! Soooo pretty, love it!

And the second one is Catherine Arley number 673 and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. This one is a bit lighter than that Teeez! one, but I love them both dearly. I just love purple nail polish and I especially love holographic polishes, so I think I can never have too many purple holographics!

Day 20: Water Marbled

I know that many people participating in this challenge were a bit afreaid of todays task water marbling, but I have to say that I quite like it. It's not sor sure something that I would do every day or even every week as it takes so much time and effort and is quite messy, but once in while I do enjoy doing some water marbled nails.

I was quite pleased with the quality of the Barielle A Bouquet For Ava that I showed you yesterday and  so I thought it would work well with water marbling. I also wanted to use gold and I chose China Glaze Passion for it and for third color I chose China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, which I also used for my base color for this water marbling. Last but not least I topped the finished water marbling with e.l.f. Golden Goddess.

I really loved this color combination and I think the final mani looks really great. Even my boyfriend liked it very much and he even said that this is one of my best manis so far. 

So now I'm done with the patterns part of the challenge and the last tasks are the inspiration ones. Can't wait!

Barielle A Bouquet For Ava & Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times

I just recently made a order from transdesign.com and there was still room in my order for one polish after I chose all the ones that I wanted that time. I noticed that they have Barielles polishes available and since I haven't tried that brand before, I wanted to try it. I probably would have ordered Elle's Spell, but it was out of stock so I pondered a bit and finally decided to order a polish called A Bouquet For Ava. That same order also contained one of those new Luxeffects polishes by Essie, so when they arrived I decided to pair those two.

I think they made a really awesome combo! This is two coats of Barielle A Bouquet For Ava with one coat of Essie Shine of the Times. And yes, flakies! I think this Essie one is a good alternative for some of those flakie toppers that are so popular but a bit to hard to find sometimes, like GOSH Rainbow, Nubar 2010 or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I have two of those (GOSH and Nubar) but I still had to have this, because I really like the effect and don't like to feel like I can't use those polishes because they will run out. So now that I have three alternatives I can probably allow myself to use them more often. Maybe I just have to do a comparison between those three to deside which one I like best or if they have any differences.

Besides loving the Essie one I also loved that Barielle polish. If I would have been more careful I'd have gotten off with just one coat. But it was really no hassle to do another coat, since this one dried incredibly fast. When painting the first coat the nails that I did first were almost completely dry just when I finished the last ones. And I think I'm quite quick with painting my nails. It was though a bit thick but nothing that one couldn't handle. The color is also nice, though I don't normally wear color like this, with those flakies on top I felt really comfortable. 

For some reason I really had no great pictures of A Bouquet For Ava alone, all were blurry or something. Here's one that was even a bit decent:

Tomorrow I'll have another challenge mani for you, it's water marble day and I used this Barielle polish for that mani too. So see you tomorrow!

Teeez! Cool

I have one of those amazing Teeez! holographic polishes, that I just recently got, to show you today. It's been quite cloudy and grey here lately (even with bit of snow too) and there haven't been literally any sun expect just for a brief moment just the other day. I should have probably gone outside to enjoy the sun like normal people would, but no, I stayed inside and tried to photograph as many holo polishes as I could before the sun was gone... lol indeed. Well that was quite fun too and at least now I have these photos to share you.

So this is called Cool and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. It's probably no surprise that I love this one! Eventhough you all know that I'm not particularly into blue polishes, I can't resist pretty holo ones in any color. I also have to say that I quite like the design of these Teeez! bottles, eventhough they have round caps which are sometimes a bit hard to work with. But they are really pretty with all those flowers and silver caps and all that, don't you think? So I'm really glad to have this one as part of my holo collection.. You can't really have too much holos in my opinion.

Day 19: Galaxies

Sorry that I'm a bit late with this post as I promised that I would have posted this yesterday, but I had so many things that needed to be done, so I only have time to do this now. Hope you don't mind..

So I have another challenge mani for you and today's task was probably one of my favourites (at least so far) because I've been wanting to do a galaxy/space/cosmic or what ever mani for so long. I've seen quite many takes so far of this mani and they all look different, but at the same time, they all look extermely cool. I think there are so many great colors and shapes and all that in space, that the possibilites are endles when you do a mani inspired by it. So this is my first galaxy mani, but I think I might do this again soon and use some other colors. This time though I wanted to get this kind of foggy look and I think I managed quite well..

...or what do you think?

I think people are definately right when they say that these glaxy manis aren't so hard to do. As I said before, there is so much going on in outer space, that I think you can't really go wrong with colors or anything like that, so if you're a bit hesitant to try something like this, I say just go for it! It really is quite easy.

Here's all the polishes I used (btw I used quite many, I think you can get the look with less colors too)
Top row from left to right: Eyeko Cosmic polish, GOSH Holographic, Orly Space Cadet, Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl and Golden Rose 164.
And bottom row from left to right: Essence Out of My Mind, China Glaze Pure Elegance, Art Deco White nail art liner, China Glaze Snow Globe and Color Club Starry Temptress topcoat.

Essence Be Optimistic!

Tomorrow I'll be showing you those galaxy nails of the challenge, but here I have just a quick post of a really nice fall color. It has been snowing a bit here lately and though it's been still to warm for the snow to stay on ground, I want to post this before it's truly a winter time, cause like I said, I think this is a perfect color for fall.

So this is Be Optimistic by Essence and I have two coats here with base and top coat. This is quite well pigmented, so well that it might be possible to get away with just one coat, but I did two to be sure. I think this is a really pretty one, lovely color and very glossy. I just wish that Essence polishes were sold in Finland too, they are usually quite nice quality-wise, they have many great colors and the prize is right for sure. So if you have access to Essence polishes, I think this is something you should pick up if you like orange nails even just a bit.

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

So today I have the new exciting collection from Models Own called Beetlejuice for you. I was really excited about this collection, because the colors looked very interesting. First I wasn't sure if I'd get the whole collection or just couple colors, but when I saw that they had the deal with all the Beetlejuice collection and the base/top coat, I just decided to jump and get them all. The colors are so complex, that they all need more pics than just one to show you what they are all about, so this post is going to be very very picture heavy and long. So consider yourselves warned, cause here we go. 

So here's the whole collection from left to right: Pinky Brown, Golden Green, Purple Blue, Emerald Black and Aqua Violet.

I used three coats of each color, except Emerald black, which is two coats. Application was easy with them all and I really had no problems with them. All the pics are without base or top coat, and taken in natural light (one is in direct sunlight).

This is Pinky Brown, which I was probably most excited about when I saw the first bottle pics of this collection. I didn't have the change of getting Mac Bad Fairy or have access to those Accessorize polishes that had the same type of color, so I thought Pinky Brown could make up for it. I know those two polishes were more pinkier than this, but I still like this one alot. And I really love that color shift, because it really is there on nail too and not just in the bottle or something like that.

Golden Green is the one I thought I might not like because as you know I don't really like green polishes and from the pics I saw this seemed to have a frost finish. But on nail I did like it, it isn't my favourite one or anything like that, but I do like it. And as you can probably figure, I don't own colors like this, so I think this is a good addition to my collection.

Purple Blue has the same kind of glass fleck finish that Pinky Brown has and these two are right up my alley, so they were the ones I really wanted to have. And this is purple so of course I like it. I saw The PolishAholic's comparison post of the Beetlejuice collection where she compared Purple Blue with Orly Galaxy Girl. They definately aren't dupes but I think they look like that they are from the same family and as I didn't get Galaxy Girl, I'm glad I have this. And judging from those pics I prefer Purple Blue too.

Emerald Black was one of those that I was little hesitant of getting as I don't usually like to wear black polishes or polishes that look like black, but this is really pretty one! I really liked this one on my nails and can't wait to wear it as full manicure. By the way this is bit more green than it looks in my pics, my camera just didn't want to work right with this one.

Aqua Violet has really nice purple color shift and I just love how it looks when the duochrome comes alive. I'm also not a big blue polish fan, but the color shift makes it more special.

I have to say that I just love this collection and I'm glad that I got the whole thing and didn't left some colors out. Eventhough all the colors aren't my usual favourites, I think they work really well as collection. I ordered these from Models Own website so they are available there if you are interested.