Zoya Crystal

I have one Zoya polish for you today, that I think you've all seen quite many times already, but it is so pretty that it deserves all the attention.

So this is Crystal and as you all probably know by now, I'm not usually very fond of blue polishes, but somehow I really liked this one. Maybe it's because it's not really strickly blue as it has a lot of gold foil glitter. Crystal was part of Zoya's winter 2010 collection and it surely is a perfect color for winter. I know many are bummed out because the summer has ended and now it's fall and cold and all that and soon it's already winter, but I quite like all seasons and what's better way to get ready for fall or winter than trying out polishes that fit the season. Though I'm a bit bummed out too, because this inevitably means that I will have less and less light to take photographs and there will be so little sunlight. But then again, there are so many nice fall/winter/holiday collections on their way too..

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