Nubar Reclaim

Just a quick post outside the challenge. I have already done those delicate print challenge nails, but I will post them tomorrow. Today I have one really amazingly pretty polish for you, that I think you've all seen quite many times, but it deserves all the attention.

Yeah, I'm talking about Nubar Reclaim, awesome green holo that even I love and you all know I'm not usually a big fan of green polishes. Reclaim has really nice linear holo effect and it was opaque with just two coats, so if you ask me, I think this is a perfect green holo. And if you're a holo lover like me, you should get this from somewhere, this is really a must-have polish.


  1. I have Reclaim too and it's an awesome holo! ^_^

  2. I am a holo lover and I love Reclaim! Just curious... do you have gel nails on those photos?

  3. @marox79: It is!!

    @Malene M: It really is. :)

    @Akuma Kanji: It's a must have for holo lovers. :) Those are my real nails, they are just longer here than in some previous photos, just because I've taken these earlier. I have never used any fake nails of any kind and here I had to even take photos that have just three fingers, because my pointer's nail had some damage and was shorter.. :)

    @moonchild: It is. :)