Day 8: Metallic - a-england Merlin

I'm alive... lol. I'm really sorry that I've been silent for quite long time. As I told you before, I was moving to a new apartement, but it got delayed a bit as there was some repairs that needed to be done in this new place. So we had to delay the moving, but I had already packed everything (all my polishes too) and so we had to also live with all those boxes for a week. So it was a bit stressful, but now we have been here at the new apartement for couple days already and have managed to get all the things to their right places, so it's all good now.. And I finally have a Helmer too, so now my nail polish collection feels really organized! As a result I can finally continue with the 31 day challenge, so it's day eight and time for metallic nails.

So this is three coats of Merlin by a-england, no base or top coat. I ordered this (as well as Tristam and Lady of the Lake) when a-england had their free shipping campaing, and I'm really glad I did. I know this polish isn't particularly unique, but I really like the quality of a-england polishes and the names and the bottle desing are also nice. These are a bit expensive for my taste (student budget), but I really wanted to try these polishes. Can't really say anything about the removal as I only swatched this and removed it when it was still wet, but I can imagine that there is a need for foil method removal here.


  1. Looks like aluminuim!!

  2. Just awesome!!

    And what a beautiful blog you have, I'll add you to my bloggroll if you don't mind. :-)

  3. @rock-or-not: Yeah, it kind of does look like it!

    @Annika - Dragonfly Polish: Thanks for your kind words and of course I don't mind. :)