Zoya Faye

Just while ago I ordered some more Zoya polishes, well, just because I needed to have some more. I probably shouldn't have ever got any Zoyas because now I just want more... Oh well, I have one beauty to show you today.

So this is Zoya Faye and I have three coats here. I have seen so many pics of this polish, as have probably all of you too, and I always thought it looked really pretty and I wanted to have it but at the same time I had some doubts about it. I think it was because of the golden shimmer, usually polishes with golden shimmer don't work so well with my skintone, but with this one my doubts were not necessary as this is really pretty and it worked just fine with my skintone and all. So it's another keeper from Zoya, what a surprise... I might need to get even more, lol..


  1. This is beautiful! x


  2. I was just expecting this one to be ok, but as soon as I tried it, it became an unexpected new favorite!

  3. I'm wearing Zoya Faye right now and I LOVE IT, it's my bestest ever polish!!!

  4. LOL, I just love your statement "just because I needed to have some more"! I like that attitude! Just wanted to say that I have never enough of Faye swatches, as well as OPI It's My Year :> And green with envy because of your nails! :oP

  5. Stunning colour! Is it difficult to remove?

  6. @E V E L Y N: Thanks!

    @April: Yeah, it was like that for me too. :)

    @jazzqueen64: It's really a stunnig color!

    @Pani Skeffington: Lol, I'm glad you liked my attitude! :) Thanks for your lovely words!

    @Vita: It is stunning and wasn't very hard to remove.