Zoya Aria

I have another Zoya for you today, as I can't get enough of them, lol.

This is Zoya Aria and I have three coats here. I have to say that I really like this one too as I have liked all the Zoyas that I've tried so far. It is again really nice quality, the polish just glides on so easily and the color is also really pretty. And the polish also reminds me of the tv show Pretty Little Liars because of the name of course (one of the characters is called Aria), so that's always fun , because I really love the show, though I'm not sure if this would be a color that Aria would wear...


  1. very pretty! so far I didn't see many swatches of this one. Thanks for showing

  2. Wow! So pretty. I love this sweet color!

  3. Totally beautiful color, but I agree, not something Aria would wear.

  4. @Melanie: Thanks for your lovely comment, it's really a fantastic color. :)

    @Nailderella: It really is a sweet color! :)

    @Olive: Yeah, it should be darker or something for Aria. :)