Maybelline MNY #557

I don't have a challenge mani for you today, instead I'm just doing this quick post of a mani that I wore and photographed before summer, lol. These pics have just been waiting for to be posted and I thought I should really do this now or otherwise I might not never post these.

So this is Maybelline MNY number 557 and I have to say that this is one of those polishes that looks good in bottle but not so good on nail. Well, it's not ugly or anything like that, it just a bit boring and quite sheer too. If I can remember right this was three coats so maybe with a fourth one it would have been more opaque but I just thought that this polish isn't worth of four coats. All and all it's nice but nothing special.


  1. 3 coats???!!!! OH MY! That's way too much for a colour that dark!... Indeed a big disappointment :(

  2. @Akuma Kanji: Yeah, it was really a big disappointment.