Day 6: Violet - OPI Grape...Set...Match

I'm back with the challenge today and it's already day six and it's time for violet nails. Well, I know violet is technically more like bluish purple but I just decided to go with more red toned one.

This is OPI Grape...Set...Match and it's from OPI Glam Slam! England collection. As soon as I saw first pics of this polish (quite long time ago) I knew I had to have this. As you know already I'm a great purple lover and this polish looked soooo pretty and amazing, so of course I needed it. And I think it really is worth having even if you're not so big purple lover as I am.

Btw, when you're reading this I am (hopefully) in Rome with my mom having a little vacation. It's just for few days, I'll be back home on Wednesday and I have timed some posts for you. 


  1. Have fun in Rome. Be careful when you cross the road. Italian (Roman) drivers do not really respect traffic lights, zebra crossings and such things.

  2. I ordered it!!
    I'm glad he's great!!

  3. @marox79: Thanks, I had. :) And the driving was quite awful, nothing like here in Finland, lol. :)

    @rock-or-not: It really is a must have if you ask me. :)