H&M Lolita comparison

I have just a quick comparison for you today. My last post was H&M Lolita and well, I noticed I had at least two colors that were quite alike, so I compared them to you.

So I have H&M Lolita on my index and pinky nail and Zoya Perrie on middle and Jesse's Girl Spring Break on my ring finger nail. All three looked quite alike in bottles, but Spring Break is clearly more blue toned on nail. Perrie and Lolita are almost dupes but Perrie is a tad darker. I think there's no reason to own both Lolita and Perrie, and well, I would probably invest to Perrie as Zoya's quality is better than H&M's. But then again, Zoyas are quite diffucult to get at some places (like here in Finland) so Lolita is a nice alternative if you're looking one. The color isn't particularly unique and I think almost every brand has probably atleast one color that is close to all these too.


  1. Yes! As you said..Zoyas are hard to find here in finland, totally agree! where do you get yours? :D loove your blog btw! take care! ^^

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! I've bought almost all my Zoyas from Nails etc. :)