Catherine Arley #675

I still have some Catherine Arley polishes left to show you, so here's another holo beauty.

This one is number 675 and (again) I have just two coats here. This is more subtle color and the holo effect isn't very strong either, but it is there. And as you, I'm sure, already know, I love all my holo polishes, so this is no exception. 

Besides this polish, I also wanted to talk to just a little about other stuff. As you've probably noticed, my blogging hasn't been very regular during summer. The reason is that I was working quite a bit and also because my work tasks, I couldn't really wear nail polish. But now I'm back home having some leisure time before my studies at university start again, so I'm going to be blogging more regularly from now on. I just wanted to let you guys now.. I know summer is busy time for many of us and there's usually better things to do, than sit inside and read/write blog posts. I hope you all had really great summer though and I'm looking forward on getting back in the saddle.


  1. A really cute color!
    The site told me it won't be made any more =(

  2. rock-or-not: I'm glad you like it. :) Oh no, it does? How can they stop making so great polishes?