Maybelline MNY #673

I have a not-so-summery mani for you today for a change. Recently (well, about month and a half ago, but time goes so fast in summer) I spotted Maybelline MNY stand in a Finnish store. Before this I hadn't never seen this MNY brand sold in Finland, so of course I had to pick up some polishes to try. I choosed two and today I have have the first one to show you.

This is #673 and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. Normally I don't like to wear plain black polishes but I wanted to try this one because as you can see it's not just plain black. And well, I really like it! It looks so cool with all those silver particles (I can't decide what to call them). Even thoguh it's summer and all I really wanted to wear this as a full mani and not just for a little while (for these pictures). So the first try with this Maybelline line was a success. I'm always glad when new brands or lines show up here, because as you can probably imagine, Finland isn't really a nail polish wonderland. There seems to be more and more nail polish at different stores nowadays, but it always nice to see even more.