H&M Lolita

I told you before how confusing I think H&M nail polishes sometimes are. They have these different shaped bottles and all and I just don't get it. Well, once when I was eyeing H&M nail polish stand I noticed this one bottle that was different from all the others. There was only one bottle of this oddly shaped bottle there and then there was also many bottles of the same color but different shape of bottle. Confusing, right? But what was more confusing is that the bottle that I found was bigger (had more nail polish in it) than the others but it was also cheaper. Well, of course I had to buy it then, lol.

So this is called Lolita and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. It's a quite nice color, nothing unique and well, I have quite many that are in the same hue, but I just had to buy it, you know. The quality was quite nice too, though this one was a bit runny, but nothing major. I don't really like the shape of the bottle, or at least the cap is a little difficult to work with, but again, this one was cheaper that the others, so of course I had to be economical and buy this one. Well, I could have been even more economical and left the shop without any polish...


  1. Nice colour! As you said, not unique, but a very nice one :)

  2. haha you can't walk away and not buy polish!
    but ya everytime i go to h&m they seem to have a totally different set of polishes lol!

  3. ritterbraten: Yeah, it's a nice one. :)

    B C: Sometimes I really can't, lol. H&M's polish selection is quite bizarre and you can't really keep up with it..