Catherine Arley #677

I have another Catherine Arley polish for you today, just because they are so pretty and what's really a better time to wear them than summertime with sunshine..

This one is number 677 and I have two coats here (again, it was almost good to go with just one coat). I don't have much to say about this that I haven't already said about the other Catherine Arley polishes. I really love the quality (and also the price) of these polishes and this is yet another pretty color. Looking at this just makes me want to buy all the rest of these holographic polishes that I don't (yet) own. And that wouldn't be so smart, would it? Who needs so many holographic polishes? I do! Well, maybe I don't need them, but I still want them, oh well...


  1. I adore the simpleness of this holographic effect! :) It's there but it isn't at the same time! Genius! :D

  2. Akuma Kanji: Yeah, I know what you're saying, not all the holos have to be so 'strong'. :)

    beingpretty: It really is! :)

    ritterbraten: Thanks! I think it would look good on anyone. :)