Jesse's Girl Purple Glitter

Today I have the last one of Jesse's Girl polishes that I own to show you. This one is also from the older line and I think it's not even available anymore on their website, though there is still some other polishes from the old line available. Well, I'm showing it to you anyways..

This is probably my least favourite from those Jesse's Girl polishes that I have, mainly because it is so sheer. I have four coats here and there is still visible nail line and the color isn't deep or anything. It looks nice in the bottle, but on nail it's quite disappointing. It was also quite thick, so it has probably been sitting on their stock quite awhile or something. Oh well, at least I really liked all those other polishes that I got from Jesse's Girl and they had really nice quality too.


  1. Where did you find these Jesse's girls nail polishes? In Finland I haven't seen them, so they must come from abroad...
    I like that nail polish color, but it's sad that it is so sheer :/ It would maybe work if you put some decoration on it to cover the "nail line" :)
    Have a nice day!

  2. @Nails1820: I ordered them from their website at
    You're probably right about the decoration, maybe it would work better that way. :)