Answers to some questions

Like many other bloggers I also use Google Analytics and one night I used it to gather some questions or such that were used when entering my blog. I wanted to do a post that answers to some of these, because I thought it would be fun, so here it is. There were also a lot of comparison questions that I'm saving mostly to some other post, but here's the first part.

"Nail polish that looks like broken glass"

I'd say that Color Club Covered in Diamonds look definately like broken glass. Here I have it over Misa As Pink As You Please (first pic) and Color Club Jewel of a Girl (second pic).  

"Does water marbling work with OPI"
Well, here's a water marling mani done solely with OPI polishes, so it works, but I can't guarantee that every single OPI works for this purpose. I think you just have to test and try to be sure if a polish works or not. I think it's not a brand thing, some polishes from a certain brand work and some don't.

"Is silver polish in for New Years Eve"
I sported this mani with GOSH Rainbow last New Years Eve and well, I might wear this polish for the next one coming too, because I don't think there's anything more appropriate for New Years than this one. I know there's like six months till the next New Years Eve, but it's always good to think ahead, right? lol

"Jesse's Girl Glee nail polish dupe"
Well, this is Jesse's Girl Glee and it's one of those polishes that are really close to the (original) Zoya Charla. I believe that OPI Catch Me in Your Net is also really close to Zoya Charla and there are some others too.. I don't have any but this so I can't compare them to you, but this is a really pretty polish and I'm glad I own one that is even somewhat similar. Sorry about the very very dry hands I have here in this pic, it was winter and it had been really freezing cold for a while, so this is what happens to my hands when it's seriously cold.

"Where is Manhattan 610K"

Remember the travelling nail polish? Here's my post about it if you don't. Well, I had to do some searching to find it. From me it went to Polish Drop and from there it went to Kamila. After that it made it's way back again to USA to Nailventuress blog and her blog was quiet for a while after that but now she's just gathering the entries of those who want to have this polish visit them. So if you want it, I suggest that you take a look at her post, here.


  1. So want the Covered in Diamonds polish!

  2. This Color Club is amazing! I so want it, too!!

    BTW I gave you an award for your blog because I think you're doing a great job, you can pick it up on my blog at:

  3. great answers/pictures!
    love them :D