a-england Tristam

Today I have one lovely holographic polish for you.. Yes, I also had to order some (two) a-england polishes when I found out that they had free postage campaign going on. (If you hurry, you can still order some of their polishes from their website with free postage, the offer is valid till first of July.)

This is Tristam and I have two coats here, no base or top coat. This isn't strong linear holo like I know some want their holo polishes to be, but still I just adore this. It's really really pretty and it was almost good with only one coat, so the quality is quite amazing. Also I don't have any darker blue holos and though I don't normally wear blue polishes, I do love this one and will definately wear it again. It's bit like a blue night sky with starlight glimmer, just like they at a-england describe it at their website. And also, I have to mention too, that the delivery was insanely quick, I had this something like two days after I made the order. I also ordered Lady of the Lake and it wasn't in the first delivery, but when I emailed them about that, I got the answer really quickly and they sent the other polish to me really quickly too.

Jesse's Girl Purple Glitter

Today I have the last one of Jesse's Girl polishes that I own to show you. This one is also from the older line and I think it's not even available anymore on their website, though there is still some other polishes from the old line available. Well, I'm showing it to you anyways..

This is probably my least favourite from those Jesse's Girl polishes that I have, mainly because it is so sheer. I have four coats here and there is still visible nail line and the color isn't deep or anything. It looks nice in the bottle, but on nail it's quite disappointing. It was also quite thick, so it has probably been sitting on their stock quite awhile or something. Oh well, at least I really liked all those other polishes that I got from Jesse's Girl and they had really nice quality too.

Catherine Arley #800

I have another Catherine Arley polish for you today:

This is number 800, I have two coats here, though it was almost perfect with just one coat. I did two just in case. So, the quality is really good opaque-wise, but as you can see, this doesn't have very strong holo effect. I think it's still really pretty and the color is nice. I don't own any true reds that are holos in any ways, so this is nice addition to my collection. Some day I would definately want to own a red polish that has linear holo effect. But as I said, I love this the way it is.

H&M Blue Wave

Few days ago I was doing some shopping and when I stoped at H&M of course I also had to check their nail polish rack. And I couldn't resist but buying one polish.

So this is Blue Wave and I have four quite thick coats here. So yeah, it's really sheer. And it also wasn't so pretty as I though it would be. You can see different colored tiny glitters in the bottle, but they don't really show up on nail. I think this could really look nice (again) layered with some other polish. Maybe then the glitters could be seen better.

Top 10 Award

I just got this Top 10 Award from Karine from Nailderella!

So a big thank to Karine, it was really sweet to nominate me. :)

The Top 10 award rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

Here are my top 10 cosmetics in no particular order!
1. Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - In the Buff (in summer)
2. Max Factor False Lasf Effect mascara
3. Make Up Store Cover All Mix Concealer
4. Lumene Arctic Glow Mineral Blush - Winter Rose
5. Lumene Translucent Mineral Loose Powder
6. Lush Dark Angels Cleanser
7. Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion
8. L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer
9. Colosé eyeshadows (especially Creme Marron)

Yeah, I just couldn't name couple of nail polishes as I really can't say which are my ultimate favourites. Some days I like different ones that some other days and there are so many gorgeous polishes,  that I just couldn't do it. So instead I just put down nail polishes (meaning all of them) and listed some of my other favourite cosmetics.

And here are my top 10 bloggers in no particular order!
1. Jane from Nailside
2. Doo from Doo polishing 
3. Ritterbraten from Das Experiment 
4. Stephanie from Imperfectly Painted
5.  Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink
6. AmyGrace from The Polished Perfectionist 
7. Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... 
8. Salla from Playing with Polish 
9. Kirsten from Glitta Gloves 
10. Bruno from Acetone and Old Lacquer 

Answers to some questions

Like many other bloggers I also use Google Analytics and one night I used it to gather some questions or such that were used when entering my blog. I wanted to do a post that answers to some of these, because I thought it would be fun, so here it is. There were also a lot of comparison questions that I'm saving mostly to some other post, but here's the first part.

"Nail polish that looks like broken glass"

I'd say that Color Club Covered in Diamonds look definately like broken glass. Here I have it over Misa As Pink As You Please (first pic) and Color Club Jewel of a Girl (second pic).  

"Does water marbling work with OPI"
Well, here's a water marling mani done solely with OPI polishes, so it works, but I can't guarantee that every single OPI works for this purpose. I think you just have to test and try to be sure if a polish works or not. I think it's not a brand thing, some polishes from a certain brand work and some don't.

"Is silver polish in for New Years Eve"
I sported this mani with GOSH Rainbow last New Years Eve and well, I might wear this polish for the next one coming too, because I don't think there's anything more appropriate for New Years than this one. I know there's like six months till the next New Years Eve, but it's always good to think ahead, right? lol

"Jesse's Girl Glee nail polish dupe"
Well, this is Jesse's Girl Glee and it's one of those polishes that are really close to the (original) Zoya Charla. I believe that OPI Catch Me in Your Net is also really close to Zoya Charla and there are some others too.. I don't have any but this so I can't compare them to you, but this is a really pretty polish and I'm glad I own one that is even somewhat similar. Sorry about the very very dry hands I have here in this pic, it was winter and it had been really freezing cold for a while, so this is what happens to my hands when it's seriously cold.

"Where is Manhattan 610K"

Remember the travelling nail polish? Here's my post about it if you don't. Well, I had to do some searching to find it. From me it went to Polish Drop and from there it went to Kamila. After that it made it's way back again to USA to Nailventuress blog and her blog was quiet for a while after that but now she's just gathering the entries of those who want to have this polish visit them. So if you want it, I suggest that you take a look at her post, here.

Catherine Arley #805

First of all, sorry about not posting for a while. I've been really busy and also last couple of days I've been updating the layout and other things with this blog. So what do you think of the new layout? I tried to make it more simple and simplified the gadgets and all so that the sidebar would not be so crouded. I also decided to use even bigger pictures. Hope you like it all.

Anywho, I have you today my very first Catherine Arley polish:

And it's really pretty, right?! This is number 805 and I have two coats here. I have to say that the quality of these polishes really surprised me. They are really cheap and yet they have nice quality. What more can one ask? Well, these aren't really as strong or linear holos as some others but I think this one at least is really stunning nevertheless. And I don't own any polishes that I could call black holo polish in any way, so there's definately room in my collection for this one.

Kynsilakkakirppiksellä vielä myytävää jäljellä

(This post is in Finnish as it is about the blogsale and I'll ship these blog sale items only to Finland)

Eli siis kynsilakkakirppiksellä olisi vielä joitakin lakkoja jäljellä, tämä siis muistutuksena, jos koko kirppis on mennyt ohi tms. Kurkatkaa siis tätä postausta. Jäljellä on esim. OPIn pari lakkaa, yksi China Glaze, Essietä, Colur Clubia jne. Pari nail art lakkaakin on vapautunut uudelleen myytäväksi, kun niiden ostaja ei kyselyistä huolimatta ilmoittautunut.

Color Club Runway Muse

Today I have another good layering polish for you, but first here's some pics of it by itself:

So this is Runway Muse from Color Club's sprong 2009 collection called Femme Fatale. This one is quite sheer, I have three coats here and as you can see it's no way near opaque. Also the brush strokes are quite visible. but I knew all that when I bought this, and the reason why I bought it was that I knew it looked really good layered over other polishes. Here's Runway Muse over black:

It really looks very interesting over black, I wish I had more pics to show but this was the only one I managed to get before a major dent happened. And after that the pictures wouldn't have been so pretty. I think this is also quite interesting by itself, but over black it really comes alive and you can see all those pretty purple and green shades.

Catherine Arley haul (+one Essence)

Today I have you just a quick post with a pic of my latest haul, a holo haul. Of course I had to have some of those Catherine Arley polishes which have been on many blogs lately. I ordered from the same e-tailer that everyone else did too, here

I know there were some complaints about their way of packaging those polishes, but lately it has apparently improved and all my polishes came with bubblewrap and everything. But there was a bit of down side, because I originally ordered these polishes almost two months ago, and when I didn't hear anything back and asked if I could someday get my paypal invoice and pay my order, they said they were waiting to restock and then it took almost two months to finally get the polishes and I didn't get all that I originally wanted. But they didn't ask for my money until they really had the polishes and when I finally paid my order it took only week or so to arrive. So other than that I was quite happy with this e-tailer and they answered my emails quite quickly too. Anywho, let's take a look at those polishes, shall we..

From left to right: 677, 677, 675, 666, 667, 668, 805, 800, Thelma

Can't wait to try these! There are two of 677 because I thought it would be nice addition to have it for a future giveaway. I'm not promising anything in the near future but maybe when we get closer to autumn. There was suppoused to be another polish for giveaway too, but they didn't have those.. And I did originally order Thelmas nail art twin partner Louise too, but they didn't have that either. But it's all good, because of course they only charged those polishes that they did have. Right now I'm just debating with my self whether or not I should order more of these Catherine Arley polishes...

China Glaze Don't Touch My Tiara

I have one really girly girl polish for you today:

This is China Glaze Don't Touch My Tiara. This was a bit sheer so I have four coats here. Other than that I think it's a really nice color for summer and sometimes you want to be girly girl, right? Haha. Anywho, it's a nice color, nothing unique, but I really love the name, it's so cute. And like I said, hot pink like this is always good choice for summer, don't you think?

Layering with Houston We Have a Purple

As you've probably seen, I like doing layering manis and lately I've been doing some layering with glitters and jellys (or sorbets or what ever) and when I got OPI Houston We Have a Purple, of course I had to layer it with some glitter too.

I did this mani over China Glaze Senorita Bonita, well mainly because I was already wearing it, but it was a good base color for this too. Then I usen one coat of OPI Mad As a Hatter and one coat of OPI Last Friday Night and then topped this all with two very thin coat of OPI Houston We Have a Purple. So I did quite many layers, but some were glitter polishes and they dry so fast, so it wasn't really a problem. And I have to say I really liked the outcome, I though it looked really pretty.


(This post is in Finnish as I'll ship these blog sale items only to Finland)

Elikkä aattelin laittaa pystyyn pienimuotoista kynsilakkakirppistä, kun edelliseltä kirppikseltä jäi joitain lakkoja myymättä ja uusiakin myytäviä on jo siunaantunut. 
- Varaa tuote/tuotteet, kirjoittamalla kommenttikenttään haluamiesi tuotteiden nimet. (Älä siis lähetä sähköpostia). Älä varaa, jos et aio oikeasti ostaa!
- Kirppis toimii periaatteella nopeat syö hitaat, eli se joka tuotteen ensin varaa, tulee sen myös saamaan. 
- Liitä kommenttiin toimiva sähköpostiosoitteesi, otan yhteyttä siihen maksutietojen kanssa mahdollisimman pian. Maksut ainoastaan tilisiirtona, en siis ota vastaan esim. rahaa kirjekuoressa.
- Maksettuasi tuotteet ilmoita siitä minulle sähköpostilla ja liitä mukaan postitusosoitteesi. Postitan tuotteet, kun maksu näkyy tililläni (postitus vain Suomeen).

- Kaikkia lakkoja on käytetty joko kertaalleen tai kahdesti ja kaikki lakat ovat siinä kuosissa kun kuva osoittaa.
- Pyrin pakkaamaan lakat mahdollisimman hyvin pehmusteisiin, mutta en ota vastuuta siitä, jos lakalle tapahtuu matkalla jotakin. Ehjänä ne lähtevät jokatapauksessa matkaan.
- Postitus 2. luokan maksikirjeissä (ostajalle halvempi) -> pitäisi olla perillä 2. päivänä postituksen jälkeen.
- Postituskulut:
1-3 lakkaa 3,00e
4-6 lakkaa  4,30e

Lakkojen hinnat löytyvät kuvien yhteydestä.

Señorita Rose-alita, Austin-tatious Turquoise, Meet Me on the Star Ferry

Pool Party , Platinum Silver, Sugar High, Lemon Fizz.

Fondola Gondola, Eternal Optimist 

Uptown Girl, Pardon My French, Space Case.

Misa As Pink As You Please

Vintage Polish, Tea Rose Polish.

Kitty Princess, Glitter Purple

Deep Purple, Magenta Pearl

Hi-Lite, Sea Foam Green, Orchid Glitter

Selvennykseksi vielä taas, että lakoissa ei siis ole mitään vikaan, vaan myyn ne lähinnä siitä syystä, että kokoelmani on hieman paisunut ja samantyylisiä sävyjä on liikaa... Toivottavasti ostatte edes jotakin, että saan tilaa uusille lakoille. :))