Tallinn haul

I did this mini trip to Tallinn, Estonia last week with my boyfriend. We left from Helsinki to Tallinn on Monday night and spent the night on the ship and then we had the whole Tuesday in Tallinn and came back on Tuesday evening. So it was, like I said, just a mini trip, but still it was fun and of course I did some shipping. I planned to buy some summer clothes, but didn't find anything good, so that was little disappointing, but I bought lots of candy, lol, and of course some nail polishes and stuff. So here's my little haul:

From left to right: Wild and Crazy Shocking Pink, Pink Bikini and China Silk, Lush Lemony Flutter, Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter, Manhattan 66G.

So it's nothing big, but I managed to find something at least.. I've already used almost one can of Lemony Flutter, so I needed another one and it was cheaper in Tallinn than ordered online, so that was really good. I also bought this Dark Angels cleanser (not in the pic) and though it looks a bit scary as it is black (it has charcoal) I think it's really good.. But I've only used it twice, so I can't really say much about it yet.
Oh and what's up with that orange Wild and Crazy?! It says it's name is Shocking Pink and well, it doesn't really look like shocking pink to me. Maybe it's so shocking as it isn't pink at all, lol. I thought it could have had the wrong sticker but I did some gooling and found it in some other blogs with the same name. Oh well, it's pretty color anyways. Can't wait to try all my new lovelies!


  1. wow hope you swatch the 'one less lonely glitter' one soon! looks like such a nice colour :D

  2. i'm so looking forward to Nicole polish .)