Sally Hanses Strawberry Icing & H&M Happily Ever After

Today I have two pinks for you that are kind of from the same family but totally different tones.

The first one is Sally Hansen Strawberry Icing and I have three coats here. I have to say I really like this one, it's so nice and summery and the shimmer gives it something extra. It is like some delicious icing that you would taste, well, if it wasn't nail polish.. 

Second one is H&M Happily Ever After and I have four coats here. This one I didn't like so much, just because it was so sheer. I know, it looks sheer even in the bottle, but I thought it would bild up more nicely, but it didn't. And as I have some yellowness on my nails, I can't really wear so sheer colors alone without any nail whitener or something like that under the polish. But this would make a really nice french manicure polish, I think. 

By the way, what's up with those polish bottles at H&M?! I always get really confused when I'm looking at polishes in H&M because they have like three or four different bottle shapes and that really annoys me. And also, I once noticed that the price was different depending what shape the bottle was.. It wasn't this polish but some other that I was looking and there were at least two different polish shapes for a single shade and when I looked at the price one was cheaper than the other.. And that was really the funniest thing as the bottle that had MORE polish was cheaper!?


  1. I adore Strawberry Icing! I really do! H&M has got some beautiful nail polishes but they are still a bit confused about the bottles and prices XDDD they are checking out which sells out faster :P

  2. h&m has some odd stuff. their nail polish is okay. the pigment isn't strong but i haven't tried all the colours! i like the first colour of your two pinks though!