China Glaze Señorita Bonita

Today I have one polish from the China Glaze Island Escape collection for this summer. I'm sure you've seen the polishes from this collection several times already, but I'm showing the ones that I have for you anyways.. 

So this is called Señorita Bonita and I have three coats here, with base and top coat. As you can probably guess, I really like this one as it is very pretty purple. This also has this really lovely shimmer that feels almost like microglitter or something, it's so vivid. I think this is one of those polishes you should really experience your self to really see it's true color.


  1. Moi! Where do you buy your china glazes from? they are like 3 dollars in the us, and 10 € in finland -.- so I was just wondering if you have a good tip? :)

  2. Heippa. :) I buy them mainly from US etailers, like Trans Design, Head2Toe or so. :)