Color Club Pardon My French

I've been trying to find a perfect soft/pale pink polish and today I have one polish to show you that has the color that I'm looking for, but still it wasn't perfect.

So this is Color Club Pardon My French and I have three coats here (no base or top coat). And as I said, this is really close to the perfect soft pink color that I'm looking for, though I might want it to be even little more lighter pink, but anyways the color was quite perfect. But the real reason why this wasn't really perfect, was that it took three quite thick coats to make it even out and I know pastels can be tricky, but I think there could be a perfect color with better quality out there. So I'm asking you, do any of you know a really good soft pink polish?


  1. Check out andreia #87, it's a light pink by a portuguese brand. ;)

  2. The softer pink polish that have a bit of coverage it's Opi - Panda-Monium Pink.
    I love yours!

  3. Sorry for not helping but I just came across your blog and I LOVE IT. I just felt like letting oyu know haha.

    new follower.


  4. Thanks for the suggestion Akuma Kanji and LittleBitColor, I need to check those two out! :)

    @EstyBlogger: I'm glad you like my blog. :)

  5. Itsekin metsästin täydellistä vaaleaa vaaleanpunaista ja tämähän on kyllä kivan värinen mutta koostumus ihan pyllystä. :/ Tai ainakaan itse en saanut tällä hyvää jälkeä, laitoin 4 kerrosta ja sain lakat ruttuun SEURAAVANA PÄIVÄNÄ vaatekaupassa ollessani. :D

  6. @Celia: löysitkö mitään täydellistä? :) Jep, tätä sai laittaa aika paksun kerroksen, että tuli ees jotenki tasasta, voin kuvitella ettei se kuivu kunnolla koskaan..