Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter

I'm by no means interested in Justin Bieber, in fact I just had to check if I even wrote his name correctly, oops. I think I'm just too old, but if I was like 14-15 years old right now I would probably be in love with him. On the other hand, my heart will always belong to my one and only teen crush Nick Carter from Back Street Boys, and no Bieber can ever beat him, lol. So I didn't have this 'oh-I-got-to-have-those-polishes-moment' when I saw the Bieber polishes by Nicole by OPI released and the fact that they are quite impossible to get here too really kept my buying any. But last week when I had my mini tripp to Tallinn, I bumped into a stand that had all those Bieber polishes, so I decided to take a look and in the end I had to buy this one, well, mainly because it's purple and glitter. I also quite like the name, I think it's cute.

So this is One Less Lonely Glitter and I have two (quite thick) coat here. I think this is, like the name, really cute and you all probably know by now that I'm a sucker for purple and glitter combination, so of course I like this one a lot. I'm not sure if I like the brush on this one though, it felt a little bit weird, and I think the bottle is in fact quite ugly shaped. Other than that, it's just great, but don't expect to see more Nicole by OPIs in my blog anytime soon, because, as I said, they are not available here in Finland.


  1. I have no interest in this Bieber kid as well. I'm also no fan of all the vampire stuff going on right now. I guess I'm going against the tide, lol.

  2. Damnit, man. I want to hate those stupid Bieber polishes so much, but... some of them are so cute. I doubt seriously that he had much input for the line anyway, it's mostly his name they were hoping to sell.

  3. Pretty! The color goes really nice on you.

  4. omg thanks for swatching this!!! it's unbelievably beautiful (esp on your nails)

    nick's got part of my heart too ♥ hahah
    down with bieber!!!

  5. @marox79: Love your comment! Yeah, I'm not into all that 'teen' vampire stuff either, but I do love True Blood, but I'm not sure if i'd count it in the same category like Twilight or such.

    @Love, B: Haha, I'm sorry if I made you hate them less, lol. But I think you're right, he probably didn't have anything to do with the polishes, they just put his name (and gave him some money) so that they can sell those things better. Well, at least there are some really cute colors..

    @heartNAT: Thanks!

    @Belle: Sure, I couldn't wait to wear it, so it was no prob. :)And thanks for your sweet comment! Oh no, you too 'love' Nick, do we have to fight over him, lol. :D