Franken Twinkle in the Dark

I have a franken for you today for a changem though it didn't turn out to be like I tought. But I wanted to show this to you anyways, so my effort with this wouldn't be total waste.. 

I did this using E.l.f. Twinkle and some Jesse's Girl eyeshadow samples (that I got when I ordered some polishes from their website). And yeah, it's quite pretty in the bottle and has even this slight pink flash in it, but on nail it's just this bumpy uglyness. And the thing that bugs me the most is that I started this franken with Twinkle and some blue/turqoise eyshadow and it was quite good that way and not so bumpy. But then I thought it was not very unique and decided to put some more eyeshadow colors to make it more interesting. And well, then I went little overboard and the result was this.. Oh well, maybe I'll just stare it in the bottle and never use it again.. :)


  1. This Franken looks really good in the bottle and even on the nails I think the color is really pretty! Too bad it's kind of bumpy, have you tried putting in some polish thinner?


  2. This franken is so pretty! If I would see this in a shop, I think I might buy it :P

  3. It's very pretty. Add polish thinner, like Ninea suggests, to make it smoother. *Don't substitute polish remover, very important point.

  4. @Ninea: I'm glad you like the color. Yeah, I tried to put some thinner, but it didn't do much..

    @KarzU: Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm glad you liked it! :)

    @Definitely Addicted: Yeah, that's good. :)

    @purplegreenpanda: Thanks! :) I tried adding some polish thinner but it didn't do much.

  5. Amazing Franken! So so pretty!