Wild and Crazy Shocking Pink & China Glaze Papaya Punch

I was (surprisingly) so in love with China Glaze Papaya Punch when I wore it first time, that I wanted to wear it again. And I also thought it would be a nice base color for Wild and Crazy Shocking Pink (what a weird name for orange polish), that I bought just recently from Tallinn.

So I have one coat of Papaya Punch and one coat of Shocking Pink here with base and top coat. Sorry about the dents, I had to go to the store soon after I did this mani and I guess it wasn't dry enough for that.. Anywho, I really like both of these polishes and I think they make really nice combo. Shocking Pink is quite sheer by it self, but I knew that when I bought it, and as I thought, it's really nice layered over some other orange. Maybe I should try it over some other color too.. I really think that orange polish is a must for summer and I really should get some more..

Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto and GOSH Vanilla Ice

If that title isn't summery I don't know what is, lol. Anyways, I have today some layering to show you (again). Just a while ago I showed you GOSH Vanilla Ice and I said then that I think it would probably look good over some other polish, so of course I had to try it out.

So this is one coat of Vanilla Ice over Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto. And I have to say, that Vanilla Ice really look good over Raspberry Sorbetto, it creates this like somekind of frosting look or like the polish was sugar coated. I really like the look and I think I have to try Vanilla Ice over some darker polish, or maybe even black.

Here's some pics of Raspberry Sorbetto by it self (two coats):

This is by the way my first ever Borghese polish. They are not available here in Finland, but I managed to get two Borgheses from Joy's blog sale, which was nice, because I'm always eager to try out new brands. And at least this one was really nice, it took just two coats to get it opaque and the color is great, so I have nothing to complain. For some reason though it did bubble a bit after top coat, even though it wasn't thick or anything like that. Maybe I'll have to try it again with different top coat to see, if the reason was that, or something..

Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter

I'm by no means interested in Justin Bieber, in fact I just had to check if I even wrote his name correctly, oops. I think I'm just too old, but if I was like 14-15 years old right now I would probably be in love with him. On the other hand, my heart will always belong to my one and only teen crush Nick Carter from Back Street Boys, and no Bieber can ever beat him, lol. So I didn't have this 'oh-I-got-to-have-those-polishes-moment' when I saw the Bieber polishes by Nicole by OPI released and the fact that they are quite impossible to get here too really kept my buying any. But last week when I had my mini tripp to Tallinn, I bumped into a stand that had all those Bieber polishes, so I decided to take a look and in the end I had to buy this one, well, mainly because it's purple and glitter. I also quite like the name, I think it's cute.

So this is One Less Lonely Glitter and I have two (quite thick) coat here. I think this is, like the name, really cute and you all probably know by now that I'm a sucker for purple and glitter combination, so of course I like this one a lot. I'm not sure if I like the brush on this one though, it felt a little bit weird, and I think the bottle is in fact quite ugly shaped. Other than that, it's just great, but don't expect to see more Nicole by OPIs in my blog anytime soon, because, as I said, they are not available here in Finland.

Tallinn haul

I did this mini trip to Tallinn, Estonia last week with my boyfriend. We left from Helsinki to Tallinn on Monday night and spent the night on the ship and then we had the whole Tuesday in Tallinn and came back on Tuesday evening. So it was, like I said, just a mini trip, but still it was fun and of course I did some shipping. I planned to buy some summer clothes, but didn't find anything good, so that was little disappointing, but I bought lots of candy, lol, and of course some nail polishes and stuff. So here's my little haul:

From left to right: Wild and Crazy Shocking Pink, Pink Bikini and China Silk, Lush Lemony Flutter, Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter, Manhattan 66G.

So it's nothing big, but I managed to find something at least.. I've already used almost one can of Lemony Flutter, so I needed another one and it was cheaper in Tallinn than ordered online, so that was really good. I also bought this Dark Angels cleanser (not in the pic) and though it looks a bit scary as it is black (it has charcoal) I think it's really good.. But I've only used it twice, so I can't really say much about it yet.
Oh and what's up with that orange Wild and Crazy?! It says it's name is Shocking Pink and well, it doesn't really look like shocking pink to me. Maybe it's so shocking as it isn't pink at all, lol. I thought it could have had the wrong sticker but I did some gooling and found it in some other blogs with the same name. Oh well, it's pretty color anyways. Can't wait to try all my new lovelies!

Sally Hanses Strawberry Icing & H&M Happily Ever After

Today I have two pinks for you that are kind of from the same family but totally different tones.

The first one is Sally Hansen Strawberry Icing and I have three coats here. I have to say I really like this one, it's so nice and summery and the shimmer gives it something extra. It is like some delicious icing that you would taste, well, if it wasn't nail polish.. 

Second one is H&M Happily Ever After and I have four coats here. This one I didn't like so much, just because it was so sheer. I know, it looks sheer even in the bottle, but I thought it would bild up more nicely, but it didn't. And as I have some yellowness on my nails, I can't really wear so sheer colors alone without any nail whitener or something like that under the polish. But this would make a really nice french manicure polish, I think. 

By the way, what's up with those polish bottles at H&M?! I always get really confused when I'm looking at polishes in H&M because they have like three or four different bottle shapes and that really annoys me. And also, I once noticed that the price was different depending what shape the bottle was.. It wasn't this polish but some other that I was looking and there were at least two different polish shapes for a single shade and when I looked at the price one was cheaper than the other.. And that was really the funniest thing as the bottle that had MORE polish was cheaper!?

Zoya Perrie

I have another Zoya for you today and I have to say this is really becoming one of my favourite brands.

So this is Perrie from last summer collection called Flash. I have two coats here, no base or top coat. I have few purple cremes, but none of them comes really close to this as this is more warm toned purple. So I'm really glad I have this one now too and it was, again, nice quality as it needed just two coats and went on really nicely. So yeah, I think I need to get me some more Zoyas, oh no! That isn't really good news to my wallet, lol..

Color Club Pardon My French

I've been trying to find a perfect soft/pale pink polish and today I have one polish to show you that has the color that I'm looking for, but still it wasn't perfect.

So this is Color Club Pardon My French and I have three coats here (no base or top coat). And as I said, this is really close to the perfect soft pink color that I'm looking for, though I might want it to be even little more lighter pink, but anyways the color was quite perfect. But the real reason why this wasn't really perfect, was that it took three quite thick coats to make it even out and I know pastels can be tricky, but I think there could be a perfect color with better quality out there. So I'm asking you, do any of you know a really good soft pink polish?

GOSH Vanilla Ice

Today I have a GOSH polish for you that I found from clearance bin some time ago.

So this is called Vanilla Ice and it's really sheer one, I have four coats here and there's still VNL. Well, I knew when I bought this that it would probably be quite sheer as it looks so in the bottle too. But it also looked really in the bottle and I think it does look nice on nail too and with light colors like this, I don't mind the VNL. And yes, it looks a bit yellow when you look at the tips of my nails just because I have some staining on my nails.. Anyhow, I think this would be nice layering polish too, so I need to try it over some other color at some point.

Zoya Nidhi

Guess what, I have my first ever Zoya to show you! How cool is that, lol. Yeah, I know they are quite easily available to many of you, but in Finland we can only get them from couple of e-tailers. But just while ago I bumped into Joy's blog sale and there where some nice Zoyas on sale too, so of course I had to jump and get them.

This is Nidhi from Zoya's last summer collection, I have two coats here with base and top coat. I thought this color was really nice, very summery indeed. And the quality was so good, nothing to complain. What can I say, I think I really need to get some more Zoyas now..

Rimmel Barely There

Today I have a polish for you, that could have been a perfect nude for me.

This is Barely There by Rimmel and I have three coats here, no base or top coat. So like I said, this could have been the perfect nude, but it's just tad too brown for me. Maybe I'll like it more after summer when I'm more tanned, but now as my skin is so white it looks just a bit weird. It looked really good in the bottle and it even has this silver shimmer (that doesn't show up in my pics very well), so I thought this would be really nice, but no. Well, I'm glad I found it from clearance bin and didn't pay the full price.

My own Elle's Spell

Barielle's Elle's Spell was quite popular polish just while ago and well, I also wanted to have it, but in Finland we don't have access to Barielle, so I had to make a substitude for it. Well, I didn't franken it, I just did some layering.

I did this by layering China Glaze Stroll, GOSH Rainbow and OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em. First I did two coats of Stroll, then one coat of Rainbow and then one coat of THPTHE. I know it isn't exactly like Elle's Spell, but the main idea is the same. And more importantly, I think this look was really nice and it looked really good.

Here's a pic of Rainbow over Stroll, just because I had one and it looked good too:

GOSH Purple Heart

I've been showing you some bright spring/summer colors for awhile, but today I have one darker color for a change. And it's duochrome, so I have lots and lots of pics..

This is Purple Heart by GOSH, I have three coats here, no base or top coat. I think this is a must have for a purple lover and the green flash just makes it more interesting. I think GOSH makes some really nice shades, unfortunately they are tad expensive imo. If they were a bit cheaper, I would probably buy them more.. Anywho, I've read somewhere that Purple Heart is quite similar with Zoya Ki, but I don't have that one so I can't compare.

Depend #218

Today I have one of Depend's spring colors for you:

This is number 218, a lovely rasberry pink with silver shimmer. And I'm happy to tell you that this is just one coat, so the polish is really well pigmented. So quality is good but I really like the color too, it's really pretty and the silver shimmer makes it more interesting.
Depend is a Swedish brand and in Finland you can buy it from Kicks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these are not available outside Scandinavia.

China Glaze Papaya Punch and Wet 'n Wild Kaleidoscope

I have another polish from China Glaze Island Escape collection for you today:

So this one is called Papaya Punch and I have two coats here with base and top coat. This was little on the thick side, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with nail polish thinner. I just have to say I'm in love with this color. It's so pretty and summery, I almost felt like eating my nails, they looked so juicy, lol. And can you believe, this is my first really orange polish, ever! I think I really need to get some more nice orange polishes. So what do you think, which orange polishes should I get?

I really loved Papaya punch by herself, but I also wanted to spice it up just a little bit with some glitter polish, so I used one coat of Wet 'n Wild Kaleidoscope:

I think PP looked really good with Kaleidoscope too, they were really nice combo. And I just had to wear this mani for several days, it was so sunny and pretty, I just couldn't remove it until it started to wear of.