Color Club Ulterior Motive

Today I have the last polish that I have from Color Club Alter Ego collection. Well, I did order fourth one (Secret Agent) but the bottle was broken when it got to me and couldn't be saved in any way, so I only have three. But at least it was probably the least favourite one that broke and it was really the first polish ever that was broken when delivered, so I knew that would eventually happen at some point.. But here's Ulterior Motive:

So this is three coats with base and top coat. Very pretty color and quality was also really good. I feel like I have like zillion glitter/glass fleck pinks/magentas/what ever but I just can't resist colors like this and also they always look really good. I have to say that I really liked all three colors that I have from Color Club Alter Ego collection, all three had nice quality and they all were really nice colors. So thumbs up for Color Club, I think the other colors from this collection look very nice too and if I was made of money I would have bought them all, at least all from the Keep it under cover set.


  1. Pretty, I'm not a huge pink person but this is very pretty. (:

  2. Really pretty ! looks very similar at flashbulb Fuchsia OPI :D

  3. Thanks for the nice comments, I'm glad you liked it too! :)