OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em & Teenage Dream

So couple days ago I saw this post at GildedNails and I really liked the combo of OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em (THPTHE) & Teenage Dream, so I just went and copied that look. Here it is:

So this is first one coat of THPTHE, then one coat of Teenage Dream and then on top another coat of THPTHE, I also used base and top coat. I think it looked really pretty and the jelly (or sorbet or what ever) worked really well for this purpose. This even eliminates the problem with VNL (visible nail line) that I had with THPTHE when I wore it alone. And the glitter shines and sparkles so nicely even with the coat of THPTHE on top. And THPTHE looks more pink this way than it did by herself, which is really nice too, I think.