Semmarit inspired manicure

Just while ago I went to Seminaarinmäen Mieslaulajat (shortly Semmarit) concert and bought their new DVD from that concert, so I've been listening (and watching) them a lot lately. Semmarit is one of my all time favourite 'bands' (if you can call them a band) and I've been to their concert several times. Semmarit is like this Finnish man choir on steroids, you can't really explain it, you have to see for you self.. But I can tell you that they are really good, I just can't help but love them and wish I get to see many more concerts by them in the future. 

Here's a video if you want to see what I'm talking about:

Well, anyways, I wanted to do a manicure inspired of Semmarit and of course I had to do some black jackets with bows as it is their main outfit.

I did bows in different colors (there's abow in my ring finger too, it's white and doesn't show very well), because I wanted them to represent my favourite singers in Semmarit and I used the colors that they usually wear. (Red is for Hannu S., black is for Turkka, white is for Sakari and dark green is for Joel). I thought this was really fun idea, though it probably isn't something that everybody understands..