Giveaway winner is...

First, I wanna thank you all who entered. I had lot's of entries and also lot's of lovely comments, so many thanks for those! Also, some of you were worried that you maybe had entered twice or didn't remember if you had already enterd, but that was just fine. I checked all the entries and also checked if there were double entries and just removed the other one. I understand that it is sometimes impossible to remember which giveaways you have already entered, it has probably happened to me too, so no worries there. I also wanna say that this was really fun to do, so I'm  thinking that I need to do another giveaway soon.. My blogs first anniversary is also soon, so maybe that would be nice 'excuse' to do another giveaway.
But you all probably don't wanna hear all this prattle and just wanna know who the winner is.. Well, I had total of valid 469 entries and the lucky winner is:


I've emailed you Zara, so I hope hear from you as soon as possible. :)
So that's that, as I said this was really a fun thing to do and I think you might wanna keep your eyes open for next giveaway somewhere in the future. I just have to figure out the prizes first.


  1. Congratulations Zara! And thanks for hosting this giveaway, Annie.

  2. Congratulations Zara! :-)

  3. Congrats Zara! : D I was so excited waiting....but can't help it, someone has to win :DDDDDD

  4. Congratulations Zara! What a great prize to win! I was so close. (: